Vendors bear the responsibility for all setup and security needs for their booths. Highland Jazz and Blues Festival will not be responsible for any loss or damage and the vendor will indemnify and hold HJBF harmless for any loss or damage to any of the vendor's property or and damage or loss sustained by a third party due to installation or set-up by vendor.

All request or special needs must be made in writing and received with the completed application. All efforts will be made to honor such requests; however, HJBF cannot guarantee that all requests will be granted.

Food Vendor Insurance Requirements: Each food vendor agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the HJBF and HJBF from any and all claims, demands, loss or liability of every nature, for injuries to persons and/or property, occurring in or about or in any way connected with this Application or Agreement, HJBF, or their service or any performance of their obligations under this Agreement or Application, to the extent such claims, demands, loss or liability arise out of the negligence or failure of the exhibitor, it's officers, agents, employees, representatives, vendors, subcontractors, assigns, licensees, and/or invitees. In the event of the claims, demands loss or liability arising under this section and their duty to defend, the exhibitor's responsibility shall include the payment of all reasonable attorney's fees and all costs of defends and/or litigation, mediation, arbitration, and any similar claims process initiated under this Section.

Each food vendor shall obtain commercial liability insurance not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence and name the HJBF as an additional insured.

Food vendors are required to have the following at their booths: Cooking or heating food, grilling, or using a microwave must have at a minimum a working and inspected 5 lb. Class 2A: 10-BC fire extinguisher; Frying requires a 2.5 gallon Class K fire extinguisher.

Area will be inspected before the start of the Festival and vendor may not be allowed to sell if they don't have one in working order on site.

By electronically submitting a vendor application, you agree to all rules of the Highland Jazz and Blues Festival presented by Geaux Brands. Violation of the rules can lead to not being invited back next year.

Contact highlandjazzvendors@gmail.com with any questions.